Make money with webcam affiliate

ATTENTION: This method involves working with adult content (SFW and NSFW if you choose so). With this method you will make money by promoting adult webcams as an affiliate.

See below the things you will need for this method to make money

Learn how to make money by starting a webcam studio
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Let’s start to show you how to make money with webcam affiliate.
The method I explain below to make money with webcam affiliate may look lengthy and difficult but after you've put it all together, it can take a maximum of 1–2 hours/day to maintain and even grow it.
The profit can reach several thousands per month, but at first it will seem discouraging.

Make money with webcam affiliate

It is up to you how well you use it and how motivated you are to keep going. Over the time, I've build up a lot of traffic to my sites so there are months when I barely post new content and I still make money. This job might seem like passive income, but it's actually not really passive because I have to drive traffic to my sites. I will explain everything you need to do below.

Step 1 — Search for a webcam affiliate program.
There are thousands of affiliate programs out there, but in this article I'm using the Chaturbate affiliate program as example because I make the most money with them. Even if you use other cam sites like StripChat or Bongacams, to make money from affiliate, is used the same method.

The first thing to do to use the method is by starting creating an account on Chaturbate to have an affiliate link.
To promote Chaturbate, you can select Pay per free sign up or Revshare but the offers that I use are revshare lifetime, which means that as long as a client that I referred to them spends money on their site I will get an ongoing share of that.
Pay per free sign up might sound interesting, but in this case, you get paid $1 just one time for every registered user who uses your affiliate link
Once you have selected your type of affiliation, you will have a list of options where the visitor is sent after clicking your affiliate link. Send the traffic to tag / gender if you have some niche or send it to chaturbate's homepage.
The approval proces is instant and to promote the affiliate link, I use the social media mostly (Reddit, Twitter and some search engine traffic depending how you want to work on this method).

Step2 — select a domain.
A domain with .com extension is preferred. The name should be something simple and related to the webcam like,, These are just examples and may be already taken but you should use your creativity to select an interesting domain. Instead of a .com domain, you can use other extensions, but the most known are the .com domains. At the moment, for some visitors it might look a bit weird a domain name like as looks more common.
When you select the name of your domain, you can select a niche so you will have a site name like:,,
You can also take a look to an expired domain from and you can use that domain name. In this case you must be careful because someone might use that domain name for spam and fraud so in this case it is blacklisted in some search engines.
You can buy a domain name for your website from any registrar like,, there are hundreds of sites to buy a domain.

Once you have a domain name, it is time to FORWARD the domain to your affiliate offer. It is easy to do this as the registrar site has guides to follow and also provides support to help you if you need assistance.
For example, you will have an affiliate link on chaturbate that looks like this and you have a domain name like By enabling the FORWARD option on your registrar website, if you go to you will be redirected to your affiliate link.
If you are using this method, you don't need a hosting provider, you can enable forward domain directly in or

Step 3 — Now is the time to build your social media accounts and drive traffic to your offer.
When you just created the domain, no one heard of you, so you need promotion. I recommend using at least these sites: Twitter, Reddit and

Twitter allows adult content, but it is known that the past year they banned some pornstar accounts although they where genuine accounts. I keep Twitter posts SFW and softcore (naked, semi-naked) mostly and rarely post hardcore content.

Reddit, and allows you to use NSFW content
Make at least 1 account on each of these networks and your job will be to grow those accounts. Especially the reddit account/s.
**Before you promote anything share quality content with others.**

Because Reddit will drive you tons of traffic, I'll tell you a few words about using Reddit.
If you post photos and gifs you will received KARMA. Go to a few adult subreddits and check TOP posts of All time (you can see a list of NSFW subreddits here
Select some of those pics/gifs that were taken more than 6 months ago and you will repost them. Because you repost old content, make sure those posts haven’t been posted recently. If you repost just a single pic/gif per subreddit per day is enough and shortly you will have a few hundreds Karma.

To have authority on Reddit, aim for +500 Karma on posts and +50 Karma on comments.
To get free Karma you can also go on subreddits like

It is a good idea to warm the account for the first 30 days and also after 30 days you will be able to create your own subreddit.
Once you create your own subreddit (that must be related to webcam models or maybe select a specific niche related to webcam models) you will start to promote the subreddit. Post as much unique content on your subreddit. Then use crossposting, posting in other subs your content and comment with your subreddit link.

The amount of visitors on Reddit is huge so after a while your subreddit might create a load of traffic for your affiliate link. If you play smart and follow my guide, you will end up with quality conversions once it starts rolling. By quality conversions I mean people who will sign up on Chaturbate through your affiliate link.
If you have more accounts on Reddit, grow them as well.

On Twitter you need followers and the easiest way to grow up your followers is to follow/unfollow manually. Don’t over do it, maybe 30 follow/unfollow in a day is enough.

The manual process of posting content works fine but maybe you'd like an automation method like IFTTT ( and now you connect other networks to auto-post there as well. In this way, if you post a picture on Twitter, it triggers the action of automatically posting that photo to other platforms.

If it looks difficult, upload pictures/gifs manually because it will work fine but it is time consuming.

The content you use for advertising
Chaturbate offers a number of great promotional tools at your disposal. From animated or static banners to embeds and popups, you’ll have an entire ensemble of advertising and marketing tools. Their suite of tools include
- Banners
- Embeds
- Popups
- Text ads
- Cam listings
- Instant messenger ads
And if you’re a programmer, you can use their API to embed who’s online onto your own website but for the method explained on this page, we will use a twist.

You will have content if you grab it directly from social media or from cam sites like chaturbate. Get tons of photos, gifs and videos (pornhub, xvideos and other adult sites) of webcam models. Pay attention to watermark or links from video. You can crop the image and even flip horizontally.
Ideally you want to make from those videos gifs. Don’t post videos. Just use the videos you find for gifs creation. Pics and especially gifs works the best. I use to make the gifs. I cut short scenes of 10–60 seconds.
During the time you grow and warm-up the social media accounts, you want to keep the content clean with no watermarks. However, once you create your subreddit you want to watermark the gifs with the subreddit address that you created (just type r/your-subreddit-name on the image). You can do this also on
If you want to improve your conversion and your revenue stream you can buy a second website to publish all that content (pics and/or gifs). For this you will need a web hosting as well.

The advantages of using a second domain to post the content on are:

  • you can direct traffic to this website and monetize it further with other types of ads
  • you can start to get additional traffic from other sources like google, bing, etc.
  • you can share automatically on most social media networks using either IFTTT (from rss to Twitter for example) or use a wordpress plugin.

*This can turn into a complementary method, but I guess you get the idea.*

If you are going for the second website where you will post the content (pics and gifs) make sure you follow some rules:

  • use a webhosting service that accepts adult content. Not all hosting providers allow adult content, so you should read their terms or contact them.
  • use a webhosting that tends to ignore DMCA complaints. Here are a few ideas: TheOnionHost, offshore-servers, lyrahosting. You can search on google for more.
  • make a page for DMCA complaints. In case someone emails you to take down a pic or gif, you can do so to avoid any future headaches.

Once you have everything set and all the accounts are warmed up, you should by now have a following on each of those accounts. Your subreddit should start growing. Especially if others start posting on your subreddit it is a good sign and it may start growing on it’s own at some point. Same with the other networks.

Once you have a following and the accounts are warmed-up you can start promoting your affiliate link
Take the first website you registered (the one that redirect to your affiliate offer) and start watermarking your photos and gifs. This traffic will increase over time, but its quality should be good because people will type the domain manually.

*Twist*: You can create a second account on Reddit for example and ask from that account for source of the pictures in your subreddit account. Comment back with your main account and now you have the link to your affiliate site written in a comment. This is good for backlinks.

Another twist is about how you promote the content.
For example you can post on specific subreddits like r/ifyouhadtopickone. For this make photos with 2 different webcam models side by side. Chose interesting pictures (not necessarily naked!!!). This will get the discussion going and you can do the source strategy here.
To follow this method, it is recommanded to post at first the image on your own subreddit and then post it or crosspost it on r/ifyouhadtopickone. This way you use your website on your own subreddit and avoid being flagged as spam on other subreddits.

How you will get paid from Chaturbate
Depending on your location there are various ways you can withdraw your Chaturbate earnings.
Be aware that there is a minimum amount required to get a payout, most methods start at a minimum of $50.00. If you do not earn the minimum amount required within a pay period, your balance will roll over into the next pay period until the minimum is achieved
At the date of writing this article (November, 2022), Chaturbate supports eight payout methods and they include:

- Paxum
This is the most used option for getting paid on Chaturbate, among international models (outside of USA). It is very easy to setup. You can transfer the funds to your Paxum account or request a debit card (it takes about 20 working days to get ready).
It processing fee is just $0.50 which is very favorable for those outside the U.S.

- CosmoPayment
Is an electronic wallet designed for UK citizens to receive their earnings. You can also request a debit card or make a direct deposit to your bank account. Its processing fee is $1.

- Wire Transfer
With this choice, you can have your money directly deposited in your bank account. Its processing fee is $45. Many camgirls are earning enough that this is more than fine. A wire transfer tends to be a speedy way to receive your money.

- Check By Mail
This option is designed for only U.S based citizens who want to have a check shipped to them. It requires no processing fee but will take some days to get the mail. It takes 2-7 working days for U.S residents, 7-10 working days for Canadian residents, and 2-6 weeks for international performers.

- Bitcoin
All you need to do is to input your Bitcoin wallet address in your Chaturbate account and your funds will be sent there.

- Skrill
This is another common electronic wallet service available. It is mostly used by international broadcasters and is quite easy to set up. Although compared to other e-wallet options its processing fee is high. It is worth a trial.

- E-Pay Service
This is an electronic wallet service supported by Chaturbate. It is very easy to set up and create an account and you can withdraw the money to a banck account. The processing fee is $25 and is free for U.S residents.
You can check it out here:

- Direct Deposit
This is for U.S residents alone. You can get your funds directly deposited into your bank account. No processing fee is required, just your bank details and you are good to go.

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