How To Pick Up Girls In Everyday Situations

Learn how to flirt and pick up any girl: in the street, at store, at library, at bar, on Tinder, Instagram etc


Let me ask you this...

Do You Want 1 - 3 Dates Per Week?
Do You Want A Fun Girlfriend?
Do You Want To Stop Jerking Off & Watching Clickbait All Day?

Yeah, of course you do!

But why haven't you gotten girls yet?

Is it cause your short? No.
Is it cause your bald? No.
Is it cause your poor? No.

Is it cause you don't know what actually works? Yes.

Your problem is that you keep taking advice from the wrong people.

- Female "Dating Coaches"

- Redpill Podcasts

- Self-Improvement Gurus

- Weird "Pickup Artists"

- Trending on TikTok / YouTube..

Why doesn't work?

YouTube or TikTok videos are made to entertain and attract viewers, not to provide reliable guidance on how to approach women.

Some things cannot be learned by watching videos. For example, you can't learn to swim just by reading or watching videos, you have to actually jump in the water.

Think about trying to fight an expert fighter after watching a kung fu movie or reading a "how to fight" book... it doesn't work that way.

There are some people who instinctively know how to talk to girls, but people are different in terms of education level, mentality, maturity, personality, environment, friends, etc.

Some people say "It's easy for me to start a conversation with a girl, but I struggle to keep it going," while others say: "I can talk to girls confidently, but I am not sure how to start the conversation...

Because people are so different, I decided to write this book from the point of view of an introverted and complete beginner. This ebook not only explains what to do, but also gives you assignments and exercises to take you to the next level.

For instance:
- You see a woman, but you don't know how to start a conversation? Don't worry! This guide will teach you how to create your own conversation starters for any scenario!

- You know what to say to a girl, but you don't feel like you can do it? Don't worry! The guide includes 12 days of step-by-step exercises that will help you gain the confidence to talk to her.

- Feel like you can talk to a girl, but don't know how to follow up? Don't worry! You'll discover exercises to improve your communication skills, and in about 7 days, this difficulty will be a thing of the past.

- Afraid of running out of things to say when talking to a girl? Don't worry! The exercises in our guide can help you improve your speaking skills, and it includes 11 conversation templates to help you keep the conversation going.

... the complete guide to going from "hello" to getting laid.

How to approach women in everyday situations
Maybe you're wondering how to pick up a girl at a nightclub? Or at a bus station? What if the girl is out shopping?

I have you covered because I will show you how to create your own icebreakers for any scenario! The techniques I'll share are easy to learn, and this guide provides effective methods for "day game" or "night game"!

Approaching girls is not hidden or rocket science

Online Dating and Dating Apps...

This chapter gives you step-by-step instructions on how to use texting efficiently. You're not texting your life away because you want her in your bed , are you? Then I'll show you how to do it with a precise plan.

You can use this system to make a specific girl your girlfriend, or you can sleep with multiple women... the choice is yours.

You need step-by-step instructions including the details others leave out!

See below a few chapters from this guide:

How to turn off the Approach Anxiety in a few days
How to create icebreakers anywhere: on the street, at shopping,at the mall, night club etc
How do you keep the conversation going after the icebreaker
How I start a short conversation of about 5 minutes with any woman I meet for the first time
Exercises to improve your speech in one week
I'll show you how to never run out of things to say when talking to a girl
11 chat templates to keep a conversation going (memorize these templates)
Dozens of direct/indirect example openers to use in any situations
Know exactly when to close and/or eject
How to escalate from conversation to physical touch
How to escalate from texting to dating
What to do on the day 1 of your date to avoid landing in the "friend zone" category
THREE SMART TRICKS to get her into your bed right from the first date.
How to look like a high-status guy even if you're broke

..and exercises, approach examples, tips & tricks, and so much more that by the end of the guide, you will literally be able to go out and talk to any woman like a pro in a maximum of 7 days.

This is the EXACT plan I use from approaching a girl on the street to taking her into my bedroom.
Step by step instructions and full explanation of each step!

What are you going to get?

- The PDF workguide (with exercises) - 162 pages
- Appendix: Video Files (mp4 format)
- Coaching Checklist (PDF file if you want to run a Dating Bootcamp)

To open a PDF file, you need a free software program named Adobe Acrobat Reader - get the latest version HERE

Have you ever seen anything like this before ?

We’ll give you the exact blueprint for meeting women during the day. You’ll know exactly what to do from the approach all the way to the date.

This guide is not like: "Go say hello to the girl and talk to her", actually you are trained and mentally prepared beforehand to be able to approach the girl and say these words to her! If you have never approached a girl before, you will need this preparation and it will take a few days before you can approach your first girl.

You are prepared how to get into the right mindset, how to do the warm-up, what to say to her after "hello", how to never run out of things to say, how to keep her engaged in the conversation, what to do when things go bad... so in the end it will not be a big deal to say "hello" and have a conversation, but as you can see there are a lot of intermediate steps to go through..

The DATING COACHES use these methods when working with their students!



The guide is an e-book in PDF format (you need Acrobar Reader to open the file). This way, it's easier to look up different chapters and you don't have to spend a couple of hours watching the video. However, there are some things that are easier to explain in a video, so the product also includes video files to explain various concepts.


If you can literally talk to a girl after reading a book or watching a video then it's the right material, otherwise you should consider this guide.
This guide literally walks you through all the steps: from preparing your mindset to approach a girl, to showing you how to create your own opener, how to talk to a girl and maintain a conversation, how to text her and what to do the next day, what to do on the date, tips&tricks you should use to get her into your bedroom... and so on...

I'm definitely sure that this guide will be the last "pick up book" you'll ever read!


The only two skills you need are speaking and improvisation, but I'll show you simple and fun exercises that will develop these skills in about a week. This guide is more than just an e-book, it is a practical workbook.


This is exactly why I created this guide!
The solution to solve this problem is to do the exercises described in this guide and in a few days you will see the progress by not having such a high level of approach anxiety. You may have lived with anxiety for ages, it can't go away overnight, be patient to heal.


This guide was made for people like you! Talking is mandatory especially in the first few minutes of any interaction, so I'm going to show you how to create a topic of conversation out of nothing, you're going to see my plan to talk to every girl for about 5 minutes, I'm going to show you 11 conversation templates that you can use to keep a conversation going whenever there is an awkward silence moment, but the guide also contains some exercises that will develop your speaking skills.
You will literally NEVER run out of things to say when talking to someone.


Imagine being able to start a conversation from scratch with any girl in public and dating women you thought were out of your league...

How much would you be willing to pay for that? 5k? 10k? 20k? Very likely a LOT.

I am giving you this opportunity for a fraction of that price.

This book is not just about approaching girls and teaching you how to talk to them, in fact it will show you all the steps until you end up with the girl in your bedroom.

A dating seminar costs thousands, but I'll show you the same thing for $199


It is a digital product and I do not offer refunds because I cannot withdraw the knowledge you have gained from this guide.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Watch here the feedback I got from clients about the products sold on this website.

I have almost one thousand POSITIVE reviews on Coinpayments!

If she doesn't want to talk to you, it could be for hundreds of personal reasons, and I'll explain in the guide how to handle this situation like a high status guy, so you'll be cool even if you get rejected.


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I have created a special chapter for online dating, but you still need the basic knowledge in this guide because sooner or later you will meet the girl in real life, so you need to know how to talk to her.


If a girl tells you "I'm going to the bathroom" and then disappears, what do you call that? Isn't that also manipulation?
It doesn't matter what you call my strategy for getting the girl I'm talking to into my bedroom, what matters is that it's effective. I'll show you exactly how I do it in my guide, from the moment I see her on the street to the moment she's in my bedroom!


Let's face it, a good-looking guy has a big advantage over an average-looking guy, but if you're not a top model, does that mean you should stay home? Of course not!
You might not get a date in a week, but you might get one in a month!
This is a great incentive to get out there and talk to girls, and I'm going to show you how.


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How to approach women in everyday situations
This guide will make you one of the very few guys who can walk up to any woman and talk to her!

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Let this be the LAST guide you ever need to get girls without wasting your time, money and energy on all those Youtube or TikTok videos that don't work!

Follow the path in this guide and you'll start a new life in no time!

This guide will literally teach you how to successfully talk to women and how to get them into your bedroom.

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