How To Make $10,000/Month by Starting an Adult WEBCAM Studio Business

A blueprint guide that shows you how to start an adult webcam studio business. You can easily replicate my success!

You know that this business works, isn't it?

How to start a webcam studio & Onlyfans Agency

Maybe the first question in your mind looks like this:

"If you're making so much, why are you selling this business idea" ?

The webcam industry is over a BILLION dollar industry, it's too big to get saturated! Everyone can benefit from it and your success will not cause a decrease in my earnings, it is a market for all kinds of cam girls: tall or short, chubby or slim, blonde or brunette etc. This guide is just a side income for me.
Demand for adult content outstrips supply. Take a look at the numbers below and you will get a better idea of what I mean:
Every Second:
  • 28,258 users are watching pornography on the internet.
  • $3,075.64 is being spent on pornography on the internet.
  • 372 people are typing the word "adult" into a search engine.
  • Every Day:
  • 37 pornographic videos are created in the USA.
  • 2.5 billion emails containing porn are sent or received.
  • 68 million search queries related to pornography- 25% of total searches- are generated.
  • 116,000 queries related to child pornography are received.

    At any given moment, there are over 5000 models live streaming on various cam site platforms. A Google search will show us that only Chaturbate alone has 12.9 million visitors/day, while Live Jasmin has 28.8 million visitors/day
    Knowing all these numbers, imagine how much money cam girls make per day! Many cam girls are not even live on cam for 8 hours, and can pay their bills doing this activity! Many of them do not have a main job because they do not need another job.

    If one cam girl makes that much money, imagine how much the studio owners make with a whole stable full of girls.
    Make money from a Webcam Studio

    Why do models choose to work at a webcam studio instead of doing everything from home?
    Some of them don't have the privacy or a good equipment of doing a cam show and choose a cam studio where they get training, makeup, motivation and they are highly promoted as I will show you in this guide. A girl alone at home can't achieve the success she could get from a webcam studio where someone promotes her in various ways every day and someone is around to solve any problem it might arise.

    I've been in this industry since 2013, so I know what I'm talking about and I know all the dirty secrets that studios use to make really obscene profits.

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    How to make money from a webcam studio I'm from Romania and I am not a public person, and even if you know my name, maybe you never have heard of me, although I have been working in this area of the adult industry since 2013, when I decided to run this business but remaining anonymous for various reasons.

    Actually, running a webcam studio is not a business to brag about and everyone knows that I work the in IT industry without knowing exactly what I'm doing. At the moment, I run this business from two different buildings in my city having a total of 30 rooms but initially, like everyone else, I've started in a room in an apartment with a single girl.

    During the years, I have done everything related to the webcam studio: from cleaning the floor to setting up the equipment, advertising, promotions, and convincing hundreds of girls to work for my company. At the moment I pay them monthly 10 times more than the average monthly salary in Romania.

    They can't make this money alone, but I can't make this money without them either.

    A webcam studio is a gold mine if you know what to do!

    Copy my success receipt if you are ready to make a change in your life

    Making money is easy if you copy a successful money making method. It is no need to spend your time reinventing the wheel, all the hard work is already done.
    While you are still wondering if this method works or not see these guys here who open a new location in another big town in the world. At the moment this comapny is the biggest one in Romania.

    If you are willing to work, follow my method and do this job seriously, you can turn your webcam studio into a MONEY GENERATOR MACHINE!

    Just a peak to a few bank statements
    Replicate my success and start your webcam studio business

    Many fake webcam studio owners take a cut of their model earnings without providing them any service. Also, many webcam studios are involved in illegal activities such as hiring underage models and facilitating prostitution on their premises.
    This is a reason why webcam studios have a very bad reputation among cam girls communities.

    How can you make a fortune from a webcam studio?

    Here is your chance to learn everything from A to Z. Yes, I know that everyone says the same thing but keep reading, and you will see why my guide is superior to any similar product from the market and why I want YOU to success with this business.
    How to start an anonymous webcam studio

    Just a peek to see what I will explain in this guide:
    How to start a webcam business from home with ZERO investment.
    How to bank and manage taxes, so you get paid from DAY 1.
    How to convince girls to work for you.
    The best way to motivate women to make you rich.
    All the tips and tricks I use in this business since I started to work in the adult industry
    A full breakdown of how to earn 10k per month PROFIT from only 3 girls
    Two foolproof and verified methods I use to hire new cam models in my studios every time I need them
    How to get your models to recruit girls for you
    What tricks have I used to lead girls into the webcamming industry
    What methods do I use to get my models on the first pages of cam sites competing with famous models
    Seven arguments to convince girls to work at your studio instead of working individually
    I will explain how to start a webcam studio in three ways
    How I promote my cam girls and my studio
    Different ways to make money when the cam girl is OFFLINE
    I will tell you what to do from the first minute when a girl walks into your studio to make her a top model
    How to look like a pro in this activity even if you just started the webcam studio
    How to handle the private shows the right way
    How to stream fake video recordings without getting caught
    How to run a professional photo/video session with your cam girls
    How to get new clients and how to make them return to you
    How to protect your cam models
    Types of scams during live stream and how to avoid being scammed
    How to live stream in multiple places in the same time
    All the methods I use to drive traffic to my models' chat room
    Tools and resources I use to run this business
    How to boost your income using OnlyFans and similar sites
    How to run a successful OnlyFans Agency
    How to find girls to work for OnlyFans
    How to convience the girls to work for your OnlyFans Agency
    How to run an OnlyFans Audit
    How to drive tons of quick traffic to your OnlyFans models
    Hundreds ideas to create content
    How to promote your OnlyFans models
    How to get subscribers from Tier 1 countries (US, Canada, UK, Germany etc)
    Copy&Paste chat scripts to sell pics and vids
    How to deal with your expenses and taxes
    ... and many more

    This product does not have "bonus" products because the guide contains everything I know in this domain

    Follow the steps indicated in the guide, and YOU WILL MAKE ALL OF YOUR COURSE INVESTMENT BACK IN MAX 3 DAYS. It's all explained, step by step so, you know exactly what to do in every moment.

    Got stuck somewhere? Don't worries, I offer FREE EMAIL SUPPORT. Email specific questions about situations and get the E-Pimp Master response within 12 hours.

    Additional files besides the guide:

    Appendix #1: Promo video for your webcam studio

    Appendix #2: A guide to building a professional website for your webcam studio

    Appendix #3: Testimonials from real cam girls

    Appendix #4: Chat Scripts- transform your visitors in clients

    Appendix #5: A less known method that keep your visitors attention on your chaturbate page

    A chapter dedicated to OnlyFans and how to run an OnlyFans Agency
    I know that most of you already knew about this platform. You create an account, upload some pictures/videos, and make money. Well, hold on, it is not that easy!
    Thousands of people attempt to start Onlyfans and thousands fail but I'm going to give you the inside scoop on how to not fail by specifically instructing you on what to do, how to do it, and why. This OnlyFans chapter includes industry's secrets, where to promote, how to upsell, and what sales approach works best for you, how to chat to your subscribers, hundreds of content idea... and many more. We will go over goals and how to plan goals, so by the time you finish the chapter, you'll have a clear idea of what you're going to accomplish to have a successful Onlyfans career for your cam girls aside from webcam work.

    Although you will have fun, you will have partners (cam girls) who will expect to be paid by you every two weeks or every month! If they are not paid, they cannot pay their bills! This business is no joke!

    Let me be clear about my money back guarantee

    You are guaranteed to make your entire investment back within the first 24 hours of broadcasting with your cam girl.

    If it takes more than 24 hours of streaming to get your money back, I'll send you a 100% refund.

    You must prove that you have followed my guide.

    I'm sure you can't go wrong if you replicate my system, it will be a miracle, but you don't risk anything: success or money back GUARANTEED!
    60 days money back GUARANTEE

    Frequently Asked Questions


    It works anywhere in the world (except some countries in Asia where adult content sites are prohibited from accessing).


    No. All the methods explained in this course work flawlessly and there is no way to get saturated as long as people visit cam sites to view girls. Also, the webcam industry is growing every year, and new cam models are appearing on cam sites daily, which is a good sign for this business.


    You can start with just a smartphone but for better results you need a decent PC or laptop, a webcam, and an internet connection. Everything is explained step by step in this guide, no prior or special knowledge is required.


    Consider that a typical job means 9 - 5. In our case, 4 hours a day is ideal, but it's up to you. You can do just one hour a week if you want, but in this case, don't expect to earn too much. An average of 4 - 6 hours a day with two free days in a week is perfect!


    No, unless you tell them. You can run this business anonymously without appearing in the newspapers or TV if you don't want to.


    Besides the standard methods used by any webcam studio to recruit new models, I will reveal two methods I use in real life with great success to recruit new girls whenever I need them.


    I will reveal three types of webcam studios. In one of the methods, it is no need to meet the girl in real life but, the recommended method is to meet the girl face-to-face.
    Don't worries, the guide explains what to do and what to tell her to look like a professional in this business. It's been a few years since I've been using these methods and they work every time for me, so they must work for you too.


    Yes, otherwise you cannot justify the money that will be rolled into your bank account. You can start without any company, to see how it works but later you will need one. Of course, you can go the route of using Bitcoin payment, or you can try all kinds of tricks to not pay taxes, but I prefer to do everything legally to have this business active in the long term.


    Streaming live on a cam site is a thing but there are other things to do behind the camera to make money otherwise the girl from the cam site is just an image.


    Every girl is gorgeous with a few tweaks :-)
    Any girl can be a top model if she invests some money in makeup, hair, breast/butt/ lips plastic surgery, maybe lose some weight, etc. I'm sure any average-looking girl can be a top model if she has no major health issues.
    Search on Google CLICK HERE to see comparative pictures of girls with and without makeup.You will understand exactly what I am talking about.


    Email me at for any questions you may have.


    At the moment I take only Bitcoin.
    If you don't have a crypto wallet you need to sign up at or and buy BTC (bitcoin) with your card, then you can pay for this product.


    It looks weird but yes! This activity is named E-whoring, but it is not as profitable as working with real girls. I have dedicated a chapter to e-whoring although I do not recommend this method because with e-whoring you only earn a fraction of the amount that it is possible to do correctly.


    Yes, all the methods fall under the whitehat/gray-hat realm. They are not illegal, although we often use a trick.


    This is not a "get-rich-quick" scheme, but you will earn from day 1 as soon as your first cam girl is live on a cam site! For maximum profit from this business, there are some steps you need to follow, but in max. a week, the initial setup preparation is done then you'll start earning a few hundred dollars a day.


    You are guaranteed to make your entire investment back within the first 24 hours of broadcasting with your cam girl. If it takes more than 24 hours of streaming to get your money back, I'll send you a 100% refund.
    See the feedback I got from my clients by clicking HERE
    You have to prove that you followed my guide and were not successful.

    Build a successful webcam studio right now!

    Step by step guide of how to start an adult webcam studio This is a real business plan. Although it has the "set and forget method" option, you still need to put in the time for maximum success.

    The set price will keep the curious kids away because this deal is not for them!

    Is the price too high for a business plan that you can easily REPLICATE and MAKE MONEY from day 1?

    Everyday you can see hundreds of new models on different cam sites, but without knowing what to do, many of them disappear while the most serious webcam studios expand their business.

    Whether it's 2am or 2pm wherever you are, you'll get IMMEDIATE access to your product.
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