How To Pick Up Girls In Everyday Situations

Learn how to flirt and pick up any girl: in the street, at store, at library, at bar, on Tinder, Instagram etc


Let me ask you this...

Do You Want 1 - 3 Dates Per Week?
Do You Want A Fun Girlfriend?
Do You Want To Stop Jerking Off & Watching Clickbait All Day?

Yeah, of course you do!

But why haven't you gotten girls yet?

Is it cause your short? No.
Is it cause your bald? No.
Is it cause your poor? No.

Is it cause you don't know what actually works? Yes.

Your problem is that you keep taking advice from the wrong people.

- Female "Dating Coaches"

- Redpill Podcasts

- Self-Improvement Gurus

- Weird "Pickup Artists"

- Trending on TikTok..

Why doesn't work?

Because they are sellers, they have a product to sell and they make money from views. The more viewers they have, the more they earn. This is why it's a never-ending topic on their channel and they have hundreds and thousands of videos to explain the process, but their goal is to have viewers and not to give you the best advice.

Also there are some things that you can't learn by watching videos, no matter how many videos you watch, you can't do the same as in the video! For instance you can't learn to swim by just reading and watching videos, you actually have to jump into the watter.

Imagine fighting a professional fighter after watching a Kung-Fu movie or reading a "How to fight" book ...

Can you guess the outcome?

There are some people who instinctively know what to do to approach girls, while others need extra help to get started because there are many variables that make people different: education level, mentality, maturity, personality, environment, friends etc

There are people who say: "I have no problem approaching a girl, but I don't know what to say after" while others say: "I have no problems talking to girls, but I don't know how to approach them"...

Because people are so different, I decided to make this book from the perspective of an introverted and total newbie, so this ebook is not just about explaining what to do, there are actually exercises and tasks that you need to do in order to move on to the next stage of the approach.

For example:
- Do you know what to say to a girl but feel like you can't do it? No problem! You'll find in the guide progressive exercises lasting up to 12 days that will give you courage to go talk to a girl.

- Feel like you can approach a girl but don't know what to say next? No problem! You will find exercises that will improve your speaking skills and in about 7 days you will forget about this problem.

- Are you afraid that you might run out of things to say when talking to a girl? No problem! The guide has exercises that will improve you speaking skills and there are 11 conversation templates to keep a conversation going, it's literally impossible not to know what to talk about with a girl.

... the complete guide to taking your interactions from "hello" to the bedroom

How to approach women in everyday situations
Maybe you're wondering how to pick up a girl in a nightclub? Or in a bus station? What if the girl is at shopping?

I got you covered because I will show you how to create your own openers in any situation! It's a skill you can learn very easily!

Approaching girls is not a hidden science

Online Dating and Dating Apps...

I dedicated a special chapter in this guide for Online Dating and Texting that contains step-by-step instructions that get you to the front row of a girl's attention, making YOU the best ONLY option.

You can use the system to make a particular girl your girlfriend, or you can sleep with multiple women... the choice is yours.

See what's indise the workguide

How to destroy Approach Anxiety in 12 days
How to create your own OPENERS in any situation
What to do and what to say after OPENER
Exercises that will develop your speaking skills
11 chat templates to keep a conversation going
How to never run out of things to say
How to keep her engaged in the conversation
How to ask for her phone number / contact details
Know exactly when to close and/or eject
How to escalate from talking to touching her
How to escalate from texting to dating
What to do on your first date
THREE SMART TRICKS to get her into your bed right from the first date
How to look like a high-status guy even if you're broke

... and exercises, approach examples, tips & tricks and so much more...

What will you get?

- The PDF workguide - 104 pages
- Appendix: one Video File (mp4 format) and one page PDF file instructions

To open a PDF file, you need a free software program named Adobe Acrobat Reader - get the latest version HERE

Have you ever seen anything like this before ?

This guide is not like: "Go say hello to that girl and talk to her", actually you are trained beforehand and mentally prepared to be able to approach the girl and say those words to her! If you have never approached girls before, then you need this preparation and it will take a few days before you can approach the first girl.

You are prepared how to enter into the right mindset, how do the warm-up, what to tell her after "hello", how to never run out of things to say, how to keep her engaging in the conversation, what to do if the things are going bad... so in the end it will not be a big deal to say "hello" and have a conversation, but as you can see, there are a lot of intermediate steps to go through.

The DATING COACHES use these methods in their sessions with students!

Frequently Asked Questions


It is an e-book in PDF format (you need Acrobar Reader to open the file). In this way it is easier to look up different chapters instead of looking up and listing a guy talking in a video. However, there are a few things that are easier to explain in a video and a mp4 video file is also included.


I don't know the content of other books or video materials but you can estimate the quality of this product if you know what contains.
It literally walks you through all the steps from the inital "hello" to a girl to taking her into your bedroom.


If you are used to talking to people, you may not need this guide, but if you know that talking to people is not that easy, you definitely need this guide! The only skill you need is speaking, but I'll show you exercises that will develop this skill in about a week.


That's exactly why I've made this guide! Just follow the exercises described in this guide and slowy you will see a change in your mindset. Progress is slow, but it's a normal process because you may have lived with anxiety for ages, so it can't go away overnight.


This guide was created especially for people like you! Talking is mandatory especially in the first few minutes of any interaction, so I'm going to show you how to create a discussion topic from "nothing", 11 discussion templates that you can use to continue a conversation whenever there is an awkward slience moment but also the guide cotains a few exercises to develop your speaking skills. You will literally NEVER run out of things to say when you talk to someone.


Imagine you could start a conversation from zero with any girl in public and you could date women you thought were completely out of your league....

How much would you be willing to pay for that? 5k? 10k? 20k? Very likely a LOT.

I give you this opportunity for a fraction of that price.

This book is not just about approaching girls and teaching you how to talk to them, in fact it will show you all the steps until you end up with the girl in your bedroom.
A dating seminar costs thousands, but I'll show you the same thing for $199


It is a digital product and I do not offer refunds because I cannot withdraw your knowledge you gained from this guide, but in certain cases you may be eligible for a refund.
If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, I am here to help.

Watch here the feedback I got from clients about the products sold on this website.


If she doesn't want to talk to you, it could be due to hundreds of personal reasons, and I'll explain in the guide how to handle this situation like a high-status guy, so you will be cool even if you get rejected.


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I have created a special chapter for online dating, but you still need the basic knowledge in this guide because sooner or later you will meet the girl in real life, so you need to know how to talk to her.


In fact, what I teach is not manipulation, it is actually a plan. Our goal is to get the girl in our bedroom but no girl wants to be perceived as "easy" and in this case we have to use some tricks to cover the original intention, but also the girl should not feel cheated when she ends up in your bedroom either.
This is a win-win situation, if your goal is just to be more social and make new friends, you can do this. It doesn't have to end in bed if you decide so.


Let's be honest, a handsome man has a big advantage over an average looking man but fortunately women ar not the same and that's why everyone has a chance.
Regardless of how you look, the guide give you an action plan you need to follow, otherwise a top-model man will loose 2-3 points in attractiveness, while an average man will gain 2-3 points. Gaining 2 points is huge because an average 5 man will become a 7 by doing a few basic things.


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Price: $199 00

How to approach women in everyday situations
This guide will make you one of the very few guys who can walk up to any woman and talk to her!

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Let this be the LAST guide you'll ever need to get girls, without wasting your time, money and energy on all the Youtube or TikTok videos that don't work!

Follow the path in this guide and shortly you will start a new life!

Girls won't be happy to know the tricks you used to get them into your bed, so keep this e-book in a safe place!

Still unsure if you need this guide?

If you already have a girlfriend, this guide is not for you!

If you want to bring a girl into your life, you are literally just a few clicks away from learning how (and this is not a clickbait or an exaggerated claim!)
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