How To Approach Women In Everyday Situations

Learn how to flirt and pick up any girl: In the street, at your local store, at your local bar, on Tinder, Instagram, Facebook

The only guide you need to learn how to do the right thing!

Sexy Lady If you've ever been attracted to a woman at the beach, in the park, at a store and wondered, "how on earth do you make contact" look no further!

This workbook has everything you need to pique a woman's interest, even if you're shy, short and not particularly attractive. It doesn't tell you to lose weight, grow taller, get richer; it teaches you how to use what you already have!

Imagine you see a beautiful, lonely girl... I'm sure at least one of the reasons below will come to your mind:
she looks mean
she seems busy
you say you'll do it later
you don't know what to talk to her about
you don't like your outfit
you say that she might not like you

Every human being has a level of stress when approaching new people, it's a normal feeling that in the medical world is called "approach anxiety".

Let's be honest here. Just because you know what to do, doesn't mean you can actually do it!

I have created a system that will help you to destroy social anxiety and build crazy self-confidence in just 12 days, and this can ONLY be done through a set of exercises.

The exercises from this workbook will give you the courage and confidence to approach any girl

Imagine fighting a pro fighter after just reading "how to fight" in a book or watching a video, you know all you have to do is to punch him and you won, well ... I bet you undersand that it's not a good idea!

Even if you know what to say to a woman, if you don't do it right, it's for nothing and you look like a weirdo. The girls will not react the way you would expect and you will loose your confidence.

That's why I've created this workguide to take you by the hand and tell you everything you need to know to approach women the right way from the start, without going through awkward moments.

There is no "hidden" science to understanding how to approach and talk to girls, some people do it instinctively, while others need a little help to get started and this is perfectly fine because everyone is different. you know how to approach a woman like a boss?

Some people instinctively know how to talk to anyone, I'll show you in this guide how to do the same. It's the secret that dating coaches will teach you during a seminar, and now you have the chance to learn exact the same thing.

This workbook is your dating coach !

How to approach women in everyday situations

I've poured all the secrets I've learned into one place

If you continue to follow the same routine as before, you will always get the same result! Nothing changes, it's the life you're living right now! To bring girls (or new people) into your life, you need to make some changes and I'm going to show you EXACTLY what you need to do in a step-by-step format.

Everything I said above is just the beginning because this is ...

... the complete guide to taking your interactions from hello to the bedroom

"Let's go to my place and have sex" - do you think that works?
I can tell you with confidence: "NEVER!", that's not how you get a girl on a date in bed!

Women don't want to be perceived as "easy", and because you can't be direct with your intentions, I've come up with THREE METHODS on how to use some logical reasons to get her to follow you home. The whole process is smart and smooth, the woman has no idea that you have planned everything in advance and in no time she could be in your bed.

I know you might say that it's not fair but to have in your bed the girl you just met, you have to use different tricks, and in case a trick doesn't work, you look still innocent and you can try other tricks as explained in the guide... she won't be able to defend herself against all your traps!

You are the man! You have to use your brain smartly to sleep with girls
I'll show you three ways to do this, then you can build your own methods...

Arrows - How to pick up girls

The workbook describes all the steps from how to pick up girls from the streets to getting laid with them

This guide is not a colection of pickup lines, use Google for pickup lines, they are funny but they are for stand up commedy!
This guide is not about encouraging you to act like an alpha guy, beta or sigma... don't be something you are not!
It doesn't matter how old are you. There are all kinds of girls. For some of them maybe you are too old, but for another type of girls it doesn't matter your age, while for other type of girls you are in the perfect age range

This workbook contain exercises to do in the real world, exercises that will develop your personality and change your mindset.
It is easy to do the exercises, everyone can do it, you have no excuse not to start a new life!

No one tells you anything about the COACHING PROCESS because this is the secret of any dating coach!

Maybe you're wondering how to pick up a girl in a nightclub? Or in a bus station? What if the girl is at shopping? What I have wrote in this guide can be used anywhere, anytime because I will show you how to create your own openers in any situation and you will be able to talk to anyone for hours!

Approaching girls is not a hidden science

Nowadays, dating is easy because we have many social networking sites and dating apps, so I created chapter dedicated to online dating. All the basic things explained in the guide are applicable because even if you know the girl from a dating app, you still need to meet her in real life...

Online Dating and Dating Apps...

It is a tough competition because if you want to get a certain girl to choose you, you’re not just competing with "a few" other guys, you’re competing with THOUSANDS!!!
Which means if you’re an average-looking guy, unless you are:
MORE fun... MORE flirtatious... and provoke MORE emotions than ALL the other “better looking” guys chasing her, you won’t stand a chance.

I mean… why else would she choose you?

That's why I dedicated a special chapter in this guide with step-by-step instructions that get you to the front row of a girl's attention, making YOU the best ONLY option.

You can use the system to make a particular girl your girlfriend, or you can sleep with multiple women... the choice is yours.

Watch below a few things explained in this workbook:

A set of exercises to destroy your approach anxiety in 12 days
Dozens of opening examples: direct, indirect or mix combination
A set of exercises to learn how to create your own openers
How to never run out of things to say when talking to a woman
Exercises that help you create a discussion topic out of nothing!
Chat templates you need to learn by heart that are useful when talking to a woman
How to make her qualify herself to you
How to test if the woman is really interested in you during conversation
How to keep her engaged in coversation
How to push the conversation in any direction
How do you get her phone number?
Know exactly when to close and/or eject
How to escalate from talking to touching her
Texting. You got her phone number. What's next ?
What should you text her to make her interested in you
How to escalate from texting to dating
What to do on your first date
Three smart tricks you can use to get her into your bed right from the first date
Online dating: find girls online
How to find the hottest women in your area on Instagram, Facebook, Tinder ...
How to get thousands of beautiful girls to follow your account
How to look like a high-status guy even if you're broke
How to take good profile pictures... how to get women to respond to your DM’s... how to get them to DM you...

... and this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Everything is explained in this workbook, starting from the moment you think in your head that you might need a girlfriend to the moment you see a woman you like on the streets and bring her into your bed!

What will you get?
- The PDF workguide - 78 pages
- Appendix: one Video File (mp4 format) and one page PDF file instructions

To open a PDF file, you need a free software program named Adobe Acrobat Reader - get the latest version HERE

How likely is a guy with high levels of approach anxiety getting laid with a women?
Maybe you know the answer, it's ZERO!

This guide contains the methods dating coaches use in their sessions with students

Keep the file in a safe place, because girls won't be happy to know the tricks you used to get them into your bed!

Frequently Asked Questions


It is a PDF guide. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the file. Using an e-book makes it is easier to look up different chapters instead of looking up and listing a guy talking in a video.


No, never! Because every person is different and you will know how to create your own openers that suit you. Once you understand the basics, all the further methods will be tailored to your style, personality and attitude.


You don't need to know anything about picking up girls because you will learn everything from scratch in a step-by-step format from the moment when you see the girl on the streets until you end up in your bed with her.


That's exactly why I've made this guide! What you are feeling now is known in the medical world as "approach anxiety", it is nothing to worry about, it is normal and everyone has some level of approach anxiety. You must follow the exercises described in this guide, which are specifically designed to boost your confidence. It takes a few days to see the effect (sometimes it can take up to two weeks), but it's a normal process because you may have lived with anxiety for ages, so it can't go away overnight.


This guide was created especially for people like you! Talking is mandatory especially in the first few minutes of any interaction with a person but not everyone is used to talking for hours and thinking so quickly. That's why I will show you how to create a topic of discussion from nothing and how to develop your speech by doing three simple exercies! You will literally NEVER run out of things to say when you talk to someone.


You pay for value. This is not a night lecture or something to read when you are bored!
Everything a dating coach teaches you is covered in this guide but the price for this guide is just a fraction of what you'd pay for a dating coach.
It is an A to Z guide, it starts with exercies to build up the courage and confidence to go talk to a girl and the last chapter is about using different tricks to take the girl in your bed.


It is a digital product and I do not offer refunds because I cannot withdraw your knowledge you gained from this guide, but in certain cases you may be eligible for a refund.
If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, I am here to help. You have 7 calendar days from the date you bought the guide to request a refund for it. To be eligible for a refund you must have read the entire product and explain in detail what you were dissatisfied with about the guide.


If she doesn't want to talk to you, maybe you're not her type, it might be hundreds personal reasons of why she doesn't want to talk to you. I'm going to show you how to handle this situation like a boss, and you will be cool even if you are rejected.


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Online apps and sites are an opportunity to meet new people. I have created a special chapter to increase your chances of getting girls using social networking sites or dating apps, but you still need the basic knowledge from this guide because you will meet the girl in real life, so you have to know how to talk to her.


It's not a problem as you might think because not every man is a top model. The standards of beauty for a man are not as harsh as the standard of beauty for a woman. Once you know how to talk to girls and know how to make them feel good with you, you will have a different philosophy and your physical appearance will not be a priority, you will focus on other things: having a clean otfit, good hygiene, smelling good etc


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From shy guy to ladie's man

How to approach women in everyday situations $199 is the price to MAKE YOU one of the very few guys who can walk up to any woman and make her feel different... alive... intrigued... even WET...

This is a guide that solves the eternal problem: "How can I approach any women and ask her out?"

Learn how to change your mindset from a shy attitude to a confident man.

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Gone will be the days when you’re afraid around beautiful women or don’t know what to say...

Never again will you be paralyzed by the fear of rejection... or sitting at home alone at night wishing you had an amazing woman in your life... or in your bed...

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