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It can be difficult for guys who want to meet girls to know where to start. A few people simply appear to be normal with regards to knowing how to get young ladies but some of people really struggle with no luck.
Fortunately, truly, everything revolves around training. The more you approach young ladies and have accomplishments with them, the more sure you will turn into them. Young ladies aren't beasts, regardless of the number of films that you've watched!

How to pick up girls – The small details you really need to know

Let's see some great secrets to pick up girls.

1. Fake it until you make it
Maybe at the moment, you think that you can not approach girls because you are not confident, but actually this is not a problem, it is no need to be super-confident. There are many girls who tend to prefer guys who are a little more confident and self-assured. Too much confidence will come across as rude so BALANCE is the key! Not too much but not too less.

2. Make them laugh
A guy who can make a girl laugh is already halfway there because everyone loves someone with a great sense of humor. We’re not saying you should go up to her and try out your whole stand-up comedy routine, but just some gentle teasing or a couple of jokes is enough. Don't bee too funny because this is another huge mistake!

3. Cast a wide net
Everyone says that picking up girls is a number's game. The more girls you try to pick up, the more success you’ll have. Do not try to find excuses why you can not approach girls because you don't know where to find them, you can find girls everywhere, as soon as you step outside of your house! Don’t just stick to the usual places such as bars or nightclubs, if you are not comfortable in those places, do not even go there.
Think outside the box – you can strike up and conversation just about anywhere, even in the street, bus station, park or mall.

4. Dress well
When you are in the street, the first thing someone looks at you is your outfit, so you must make an effort to look good. Make sure you pay attention to your physical appearance, dress nicely, smell good and look smart having a nice haircut. However, don’t look like you have tried really hard and it is no need to use expensive clothes. Use clothes that fit you well and don't use more than 2-3 matching colors, otherwise you look like a clown.

5. Smile
Smiling is the very easiest thing to do but you must pay attention to your teeth. Fix any major problem you might have because you can not hide your teeth when you smile or talk. Aim to have white and nice teeth.

6. Compliment her
Girls love compliments but it must be a compliment related to their outfit not related to her body. If a girl is dressed well, she will appreciate a compliment especially since she spent a few hours in front of a mirror to look good, they will like if you noticed her new nail color or maybe a blonde streak.

7. Be yourself
Yes, try to be yourself, be relaxed and friendly and you must know that in case you are trying to act like someone you are not, sooner or later she will discover the real you. Girls have this feeling sensor, you can not trick them for too long.

8. Good body language
At the first sight, it may seem insifnificant, but your body posture reveals a lot about you. When you walk or sit down, you will say a lot with your body without saying anything.

9. Speak clearly
This is a beginner's mistake. Try to speak clearly and slowly, and don't say too much in a short timeframe. When speaking, make sure you stick to topics you feel informed about. If you start waffling on about something you know nothing about, you could end up sounding a little foolish!

10. Ask questions
People love to talk about themselves. Talk less and listen more. Ask her questions but not too many questions because it is not an interview. This will help keep the conversation flowing too.

11. Direct or indirect?
It is a debate whether you must be direct or indirect. There are pros and cons. The WORKBOOK [CLICK HERE - to see the workbook] explains when to use a specific way.

12. Make sure you get her number
An approach has to end with her giving her contact details or there's no chance you'll see her again. So, remember to get her number or ask her out on a date before she goes elsewhere!

13. Be respectful
Remember, if you want to know how to pick up girls, it is super important to always treat them with respect.

14. Listen
Don’t just pretend like you are listening to her – actually do it! It will help you to build easier a conversation and remembering little details for the next time you meet will really impress her. Don’t sit there constantly nodding. You’ll look strange.

15. Make eye contact
Look in her eyes when you talk to her but not like a weirdo. It is a way that shows that you are interested.If you talk to her but she looks away and appears annoyed, that’s a sign that you should not step forward with her because she is not interested.

16. Ask her opinion
Different people have different opinion, it is always interesting to find someone else's ideas. Don’t just listen and fire random questions her way, ask her what she thinks about specific subjects and show that you’re paying attention because it shows that her opinion matters to you.

17. Know when to leave the scene
There is nothing worse than someone standing there talking to you when the moment has passed. Imagine that you stopped someone from her work, maybe she has something to do but you stopped her to talk, she can not stay there for too long with you.
Charm her, get her number or arrange a date, and then let her go back to whatever she was doing.

18. Don’t just go for one specific type
If you are searching too much to know someone with a specific type, you will lose many opportunities. Learning how to pick up girls isn’t about arranging a date with the most stunning girl in the room, it’s about meeting girls that may, in the end, turn out to be someone you really want to spend time with. Don’t be narrow-minded!

19. Have a go-to line ready
Don’t make it cheesy, but if you struggle to close the deal, so to speak, have a line prepared. This could be something like "I’ve really enjoyed talking to you, but I must to go meet my friends". Practice it beforehand and you’ll feel more confident saying it in front of a girl.

20. Practice your walk
I said above about body language because girls notice everything. From how you look, how you talk, to how you smell. They also notice how you walk so you must keep your arms by your sides, your posture relaxed, and take relatively large strides.

Now you have read some of the top tips for picking up girls, it’s also important to learn what not to do! These are just as important that the first tips.

1. Don’t stare
Staring comes across as creepy and weird. So, while eye contact is good, make sure you look away once in a while!

2. Don’t be arrogant
Confidence and arrogance are two entirely different things so make sure you know the difference! Be polite to waiters and bar staff also, as these are things which girls really pay attention to.

3. Don’t be overly sexual
This is can let very bad if you do not escalate properly. I will show you how to escalate step by step in WORKBOOK "How to approach women in everyday situations" - [CLICK HERE - to see the workbook]

4. Don’t use cheesy chat up lines
Try to avoid them unless you are prepared to take the consequences, i.e. being laughed at.

5. Don’t push it
If a girl isn’t interested, then don’t keep pushing – you’ll freak her out and make her uncomfortable which isn’t cool.

6. Be okay with rejection
Everyone is getting rejected so it is not a reason to get angry or upset. It's important to note that even the most charming guys get rejected, it is normal.
I'm showing how to deal with rejection like a boss, in the WORKBOOK "How to approach women in everyday situations" - [CLICK HERE - to see the workbook]

OK, hold on! It might sounds like a lot of rules and you might think that you can not pay attention to them all, but it's nothing special.
For example, if you play basketball you follow a lot of rules, but when you play, you know everything, although it takes a book to write all the rules and tactics.
Sometimes if you have to explain how to do a simple thing, you will use a lot of words and it will look intimidating but it is nothing special, everything is simple.

The workbook I made, covers every aspect of how to approach a woman from the moment you see her on the street until you get her into your bed at home. You don't have to worry that maybe you ignored a rule, you don't need a check list, use the tips and advice shown in the guide and everything flows naturally.


Every beginner has to start somewhere. Unfortunately, many start in the wrong place. With so much misinformation out there, most beginners flounder around for years, stuck in the land of confusion and inaction.

How many hot girls walked past you today?
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How to approach women in everyday situations

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