How To Make Money in De-Fi

Learn the secrets of making money into the crypto world like an expert. Learn how to make money in this newly created market, it is never too late to step in

Learn my methods of making money in De-Fi

Cryptocurrency is a multi billion market and everyone who goes into it, wants to make money...

You may have heard many "trading experts" advise anyone to keep their coin in their wallet until the price rises. It might sound good but a strategy like this will raise all kinds of questions:
... how long should I keep the coin in my wallet?
... what should I do if the coin price if falling?
... how to choose the coin to invest in?

... there are many other questions but you need money right NOW , maybe tomorrow... so holding the coins in your wallet is not a solution to make more money.

If you intend to "play" with Bitcoin, you should know that Bitcoin is only the most famous crypto coin in the world, but there are other coins that you can invest in, the world does not revolve around Bitcoin, there are many other crypto coins.

Do you know that several times in a minute a new coin appears?
After you eliminate the bad ones, any remaining coins are an opportunity to make you rich.
With every minute that passes, you lose an opportunity to make money.


Learn how to make money in De-Fi by

Crypto is a market with trillion of dollars in it, this is a huge opportunity to make money because you can make money where the money is.

It's no secret, everyone knows you can make money in crypto, but HOW?
A few years ago, I was a total newbie, but I had the chance to meet successful crypto investors in real life and, they where ready to teach me their methods at a fair price. I paid to learn from them because they are the best crypto investors in the world. You always have to pay a price for knowledge!

These people are the best investors in the world because they invest millions of dollars in crypto, they know what they are doing, they don't gamble with their money...

Using interesting and smart strategies, I increased my crypto portfolio by about 100x times in one year! Do you think I was lucky? All the methods I used are explained in this guide in a step-by-step instructions format, these methods are not a secret.

New millionaires are being created regardless of what you choose to do now

If you're reading this right now and think you know what's been happening with crypto, you're going to be surprised - there's a lot of money to be made in crypto!

You don’t have to invest a lot of money to get start. You could test the waters with as little as $10…
You don’t have to sit on your computer to trade, it's not a stock or a surveilance
You don’t need to be an experienced investor or have prior knowledge of crypto
You don't need luck, this is not a betting system

De Fi

This is where the real money is made in crypto!
How to make money in De-Fi by
Just take a look at some words like $AAVE, $CAKE, $SUSHI, $ALPHA, $CREAM all of these words are coins like Bitcoin and you can find their prices on
For the people who don't know the game, these tokens are just some random ALT coins among 1000s of other coins, they don't look special, but everyone who was in this game knew that you can make money because these coins were going to skyrocket.

The key is to use them at the right moment!

Why has the value of these coins increased?
Because these coins give holders the opportunity to earn money through yield farming and staking but if you know this game, you will be able to use arbitrage, fixed-rate, deposits, and many things that will bring huge profits using these protocols.

To understand what De-Fi is, imagine a scenario when you make a purchase in a coffee shop. There is the financial institution that stands between your debit card and the business. That middleman has almost total control over the transaction and can abort it or record it in its own private ledger.
In DeFi, that middleman is cut out and this opens up many possibilities.

At the first sight, De-Fi may seem complicated because it uses various technical words, but I will explain everything you need to know in this guide in simple terms and examples that will make you understand everything.
This guide is created for people with zero crypto experience who want to take the right step into this world.
Although the system is new, you are still early and you're going to become a very rich person with very little capital in the next year.

Learn how to make money in crypto by

In the crypto market, the volatility is huge, so there is a risk of losing money, but in this guide I will tell you what to do to reduce the risk and also teach you how to make money even when the price of a coin is going down all the methods I use are explained in this guide.

Learn my methods to make money in De-Fi

Here are some things you will learn from this guide:

you will learn how to use Bitcoin
how to track any crypto wallet
how to make your crypto wallet on PC
decentralized exchanges and decentralized lending protocol explained
many things about yield farming, lending, and borrowing
risk management
when to buy and when to sell a coin for MAXIMUM profit
how to make money when the price drops
how to choose the coin to invest in
how to verify, track and follow the crypto millionaires peoples
how to create your own crypto coin
how to transfer the crypto coin to your bank account
top websites to use to make money in crypto
multiple ways (strategies) to make money in crypto with small capital
tips and tricks to make money in crypto
... and many other things!

Appendix: a PDF file related to NFT
Appendix: one (1) mp4 video file with instructions

You will get a full explanation of what De-Fi is and how to make money using it

All the information is in this place and the price of this guide is peanuts compared to the fact that you will know how to make thousands of dollars.

Many times you will offset the cost of this guide in just a single transaction!
Surprised? Making money in crypto is a normal thing and wealth in crypto is given by luxurious car - Lamborghini.

When Lambo - Make money in De-Fi

"When Lambo?" this is the question that all crypto investors ask as soon as they invest in a project, because they expect to get a quick profit although this is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but because the price in crypto is very volatile, there are many cases when investors become millionaires in a short span of time.

Frequently Asked Questions


You don't need to know anything about crypto because the guide is made for people with ZERO knowledge in using crypto coins but even advanced users will learn my philosophy and theory in making money in crypto


The methods are unsaturated, they will always work, and selling the guide is a side income. Even Elon Musk asks for money for his products, although he is the richest man in the world, he does not stop doing business and his products are not free.
If you are looking for free or cheap guides, it is better to look elsewhere, but you have to keep in mind that there is no good and free information anywhere in the world.


I am an entrepreneur running two webcam studios in an Eastern European country. English is not my native language, but due to the nature of my business, I prefer to remain anonymous, especially since I work in the adult industry in a country with over 80% orthodox citizens.
Even if you know my name, you have never heard about me because I prefer to live in the shadows, I have never appeared on TV or in the newspaper otherwise my life will change because being rich in a poor country will bring a lot of problems.
I started to invest in crypto in July 2020 and by the end of the year, I saw that I increased my crypto portfolio by 10x. Over the next year I was able to increase my initial portfolio over 100x and it was not based on luck. My methods of making money in crypto are not based on luck, I know exactly what I am doing.


I don't consider myself an expert because I don't have a degree in crypto but, I have spent a fortune learning tips & tricks from crypto experts around the world.
I paid to meet veteran stock market trading experts in Dubai (UAE), who use their knowledge in crypto trading, but I also meet many WHALES in crypto that allowed me to watch them using different methods to make money.
When two or three people from different parts of the world, who don't know each other, talk about the same method, then you know you have a good method to make money.


That's why I made this guide! The market is always changing but I will show you how to apply some methods to make money even if the price of the coin you are investing in goes down. Once you get started in De-Fi using this guide, you'll be making money regardless of whether the price is going up or down.


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By having this guide you will learn my methods of making money because I have been active in this field since 2020 and I know what I am talking about. You have all the information in one place and the main purpose of this guide is to help you make money because that is everyone's dream. I doubt you will find the proven methods used to make money in crypto anywhere else.


I can give an answer by saying in percentage because it is not the same thing to start in crypto by investing $10 or $1000
Growin your crypto portfolio by an average of 1% / day is not uncommon and if you started with $1000, that's $10/day.
Keep in mind that earning 1% per day is very a conservative method and many times it will appear an opportunity to earn 10% or even more.
This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but in long term it is very profitable.


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How to make money in De-Fi

Learn how to make money in De-Fi by

Learn how to use crypto coins like never before and learn multiple ways to make money from crypto coins!

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A good investment tip can be worth a lot.
Once you understand the basic concepts and a few other things explained in this De-Fi guide, you will find many new ways to make money in crypto.

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DISCLAIMER: the author of the guide is not a financial/investment advisor, broker, or dealer. I'm explaining my theory, strategy, methods and my philosophy in regard with De-Fi market that I used to grow up my crypto portfolio. For investment advice please seek the counsel of a financial/investment advisor(s), and do your due diligence.